Paint manufacturers have exterior paint lines for low-temperature applications. Read the manufacturer instructions.

Sherwin-Williams Duration Exterior can be applied in temps at 35 degrees but the night temps needed for drying and curing may go below 35.

We start painting outside when the night temps are above 40 and the day temps are above 50, but morning dew on the surfaces delays start work times, especially on sides of buildings with no morning sun.


Start your project by reading the manufacturer instructions for surface prep and application of product.
Winter months when windows are shut and your heating system is providing a nice consistent temperature 24 hours may be sufficient.

Circulate the air with a floor fan to help up dry time.

Touch test. If the surface is tacky then wait another 24 hours.

Summer months when windows are open circulate the air and check surfaces the next day and wait 24 hours if necessary.

Sand between coats with 150 grit or finer sand paper.