A rare contemporary home on the seacoast in need of a re-coat of the same brand and color of solid stain after ten years of weather and sun.

This is a town landmark for travelers. Same brand, base, sheen and colors of paint was used after twelve years. This old house has vibrant once again.

What a difference a coat of deck paint makes. Same brand and color after three years of snow shoveling, rain, sun and foot traffic. My Realtor friends refer to this picture as “curb appeal”.

Client wanted a brighter, cleaner look so they selected a lighter gray.

Gray barn after painting

Windows were not installed and sealed properly. Plywood, Tyvek, siding and trim were water damaged and replaced.

Replacing siding
New siding on house

It’s important to maintain exterior wood. This Portsmouth deck is coated every other year due to the surfaces being exposed to the sun. Be aware of the southern exposure sides or your property and shaded sides that are prone to mildew.

Portsmouth Deck Before
Portsmouth Deck After

Farrell Funeral Home

This Portsmouth landmark is over a hundred years old and required surfaces restoration and     carpentry. We checked all surfaces for rot and used a top quality bonding primer before a top coat was applied.

Farrell Funeral Home - Before
Farrell Funeral Home - After

This North Hampton home received two coats of solid stain and paint. We colored tested to assist the client in their decision making process.

North Hampton Home - Before
North Hampton Home - After